West Nile Virus Stats

West Nile virus, 2016:

As of Oct 11, 2016, 101 human WNV cases have occurred in Illinois as follows:


66 Cook County, 9 DuPage County, 6 Will County, 1 Lake County (Ingleside), 19 counties fewer than 5 case including Lake County.

WNV Positive Mosquito, Bird, Horse or humans in 52 Illinois counties:

* 2338 WNV-positive mosquito samples

* 140 WNV-positive mosquito samples in Lake County

* 59 WNV-positive mosquito samples in SLMAD and surrounding forest preserve properties

* 8 Bannockburn

* 17 Deerfield

* 3 Ft. Sheridan

* 21 Highland Park

* 10 Riverwoods

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Tips, techniques, and items used for fighting mosquitoes.

There is no vaccine to protect against West Nile virus, and anti-viral medicines are ineffective.  The best way to keep from being infected is to avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes.  Current preventive measures in South Lake Mosquito Abatement District include frequent and on-going surveillance, larvaciding and adultciding.

Preventive strategies include (click Read More below to see them):

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Stay safe everyone!

This is a video from Clarke regarding Integrated Mosquito Management Service Program techniques.